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My 2016-2017 College Football Bold Predictions and Playoff Prediction

If you aren’t that much of a football fan, then you are probably looking forward to just the leaves changing, the cooler air, and just being able to go outside and wear your favorite hoodie. I do like all that stuff for sure. Fall is my favorite time of the year for many reasons. But my number one reason for loving the fall season is simply because that also means that college football will be starting.

It’s that time of the year. The tailgating, the rowdiness of thousands of crazy screaming fans packed inside of one building. College football is in the air, and I love it so much.

With all that being said, here, are some things I see possibly happening.

Harbaugh and Michigan continue to make headlines:

We all heard it off and on throughout the offseason. Harbaugh holding satellite camps and the SEC complaining about it. Harbaugh and his Wolverines will be a national powerhouse early on with their powerful rushing attack and physical defense. They will go 7-0  going into their battle with in-state rival Michigan State leaving with an 8-0 record. However, the Iowa Hawkeyes will knock them from the unranked, and then they will go into the horseshoe against Ohio State but will leave with a loss. Ohio State will be the Big-Ten East champs. Leaving Michigan coming up short yet again.

Auburn will fall hard yet again:

I can’t see anything getting better for the Auburn Tigers. Coming off a 7-6 (6-6 regular season) record from last year, I can see them repeating that again, if not worse.

Gus Malzahn will lose his job after the Iron Bowl. This is the same person that helped Cam Newton win a  Heisman Trophy and brought Auburn a National Championship.

Houston will get smacked around by Oklahoma and won’t be invited into the Big-12:

Houston is coming off a great offseason, but that offseason celebration will be put to a stop with Baker Mayfield and his Oklahoma Sooners crashing their party. There has been much talk the Big-12 will expand with Houston being thrown into the mix. I believe that their loss against Oklahoma will put a halt to those talks along with help of opposition from the other Big-12 schools within the state of Texas. But not to worry, Houston will go on to have a great year finishing 11-2 with a big bowl game appearance.

Big-Ten will not be in the playoffs causing two SEC teams to be in the Playoffs:

If history repeats itself, all four teams that make the playoffs this year, will either be undefeated or with a loss to their record.  With Ohio State and Michigan State going through a rebuilding year, I can’t see them making the playoffs. As I stated earlier, Michigan will have two losses to their record,  leaving a spot for a conference to have two schools in the playoffs. That conference will be the SEC, and their two participants will be Alabama and LSU. Bama will go onto win the conference at 12-1 with LSU following behind them. LSU will go on defeating two top 25 teams with eight victories against teams over . 500 with their only loss coming against Bama themselves.

As for the ACC spot to be taken, I’m going to go with the Florida State Seminoles making the playoffs winning the conference outright.  Also producing a Heisman Trophy winner in Dalvin Cook.

As for the Big-12 playoff position:

I have TCU and Oklahoma being the top two dogs of the conference. Both schools will impress throughout the season and I can’t really see anyone slowing them down. Oklahoma will be led by Baker Mayfield yet again, while Kenny Hill will take over for TCU. Obviously only one of them will make the playoffs.  I’m going to go with the Kenny Hill leading the TCU Horned Frogs to the playoffs.  I am buying into Kenny Hill this year. I believe he will be in the hunt for Heisman, but will fall just short to Dalvin Cook.

Here is what my College Football Playoffs look like:

TCU vs  LSU:  TCU wins 35-32

Alabama vs  Florida State:  Alabama wins 28-21

National Championship:

TCU vs Alabama: TCU wins  28-24

TCU Horned Frogs will be your 2016-2017 College Football champions.

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