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My College Football First Quarter Roundup of 2016

If there is one thing you can say about this college football season, it is certainly this; WTF?!?!?! I don’t believe anyone could have predicted what has happened thus far, except for maybe saying Alabama would be undefeated and still being ranked #1 at this point, but Ole Miss had them sweating for a bit.

Right now the top 4 teams in the land are:

#1. Alabama

#2: Ohio State

#3 Louisville

#4 Michigan

Here’s a few things that are a little surprising to me.

The first two top teams (Bama and Ohio State) were probably very predictable, teams to guess before the season started to be the top dogs of college football after week 5.

That #3 ranked team (Louisville) however would have looked really funny there at #3. Seriously where did Louisville come from; well really the question is where did Lamar Jackson come from?

Two months ago all you heard about coming out of the ACC was Clemson and Florida State. Deshaun Watson this and Dalvin Cook that. Nothing much about Louisville and their now leading Heisman trophy front-runner quarterback in Lamar Jackson with his video game like numbers all season long. Well now Louisville and Lamar Jackson Jackson are the talk of the nation. And they will certainly be once again be at the center of the college football nation for the second time in three weeks when Lamar Jackson and his Cardinals take on Deshaun Watson lead Clemson Tigers 8pm Saturday Night in Death Valley. Let’s see if Louisville is ready to be centerstage yet again.

One thing that sort of shocked me was the firing of Les Miles. Why is it sort of shocking to me you may ask? I wasn’t expecting it so soon in the season. I had LSU making it all the way to  the playoffs this year at the beginning of the season along with ‘Bama. Yes, two SEC teams in the playoffs this year was my prediction in the preseason.  If Les Miles was going to get fired, it was going to be at the end of the regular season if LSU didn’t make the playoffs. But as I was watching that Auburn game last weekend at Fat Patty’s up in Hurricane, WV last weekend. Just when that final play was overturned. I knew right then and there that Miles was gone the next day. It was certainly going to be playoff or bust for Miles at the beginning of the season. I certainly didn’t see him being canned after week 5. I doubt anybody did. But I’m sure Miles will land on his feet somewhere else soon I’m sure.

Houston has made some noise so far this year and are definitely making a statement as to why they deserve to be in a power 5 conference. They made quite a statement from the get-go in Week 1 with an upset victory against Oklahoma. During that game, they made a play that will be up for play of the year with that missed field goal return for a touchdown. And Thursday night, they added to that resume with quite an impressive win against the lowly UCONN Huskies. Putting up 28 unanswered points in the second quarter to cruise to a 42-14 victory. If they keep playing the way they are playing, we could possibly see them in the playoffs, but I wouldn’t put any money on it, but who knows? Again, with the way this season is going, crazy is the norm right now. But will it be the norm come season’s end? Only time will tell.












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