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My Thoughts on Mayweather vs McGregor possible “fight”

There has been talk for quite some time  now about a possible megafight  boxing match  between one of the greatest boxing superstars of all-time in Floyd Mayweather and MMA/UFC Lightweight champ superstar  Connor McGregor. Within the last week, those talks have really heated up and now it seems like the fight has a great possibility of happening.

There is no denying that this fight would be a major promotion. You have two of the biggest personalities in the sports world in one major event.  There’s no doubt this fight would get a massive amount of pay-per-view buys. The Mayweather and Pacquiao fight drew a record 4.4 million pay-per-view buys and nearly $500 million in revenue when the two boxers met on May 2, 2015 in Vegas. There’s no reason to not think that Mayweather-McGregor wouldn’t do the same if not better.

Whoever bought the Mayweather and Pacquiao fight definitely would buy a Mayweather and McGregor fight.  The casual fan of either sport would buy it for sure. Of course, you can bet that neither side is ready to give in to the other sides demands just yet. You got Mayweather on one side demanding 100 million in guaranteed money and him being the “A side” meaning he says what goes. Of course, Dana White wasn’t going to go with that. Early last week, White made an offer to Mayweather on national television offering 25 million each with a split of pay-per-view revenue and other revenue the fight generates. Mayweather responded to White’s offer by calling White a “comedian.” Clearly both sides are far from an agreement of any sorts.

Mayweather has stated he would absolutely love to fight McGregor and it’s the only fight he would come out of retirement for. Mayweather is a business man for sure. In a Showtime appearance late last week, Mayweather said “I’m a businessman,”  he said a fight between him and McGregor, Mayweather indicated, would “do some crazy numbers.” Mayweather would then go on to say “But if it’s anyone else, it doesn’t make sense. Not for me.”

I would have to agree with him on that statement. Who would be a perfect opponent for him other than McGregor? To me, there’s a good and there’s a bad to this fight.

Obviously the one good thing that would come out of this fight would be the huge amount of money this fight would bring in for both sides, that’s definitely a given. The other thing that could be good goes for McGregor and MMA/UFC. If by some chance McGregor goes the full 12 rounds with Mayweather, or even knocks Mayweather out, or he puts on a great fight, that’s gonna look great in the long run for both McGregor and the UFC. Many people, including boxers, say MMA fighters can’t box for sh*t. In many ways those people are very right. But, McGregor has that wicked left hook and cross that we’ve all seen knock someone stiff.

Obviously the bad would be McGregor get’s flat out embarrassed and beaten the heck out of, or vise versa if McGregor shocks the world and gives Mayweather that first L in his column, that of course, would be the bad thing for Mayweather. To me McGregor and the UFC have everything to gain from this more than Mayweather. Mayweather has everything to lose in this fight, to me at least.

Now the one thing that everyone should know is that boxing isn’t exactly something you can just pick up and master immediately. It’s something that takes a while to learn properly and be great at, or be at the same level that Mayweather is at, who is arguably the greatest boxer to step foot in the ring.

If by some chance this fight does happen, I wouldn’t expect it to be this year. Perhaps next year, or even the following year. But you never know I guess. Maybe by the end of the year it will happen, but I just can’t see it unless both sides just happen to reach on an agreement out of no where before March.

If this fight does go down, it will be nothing more than a quick cash grab for both sides. This would be an absolute freak show. I’m slightly interested in this fight, but I’m not super ecstatic about it, because I really doubt it will happen. I don’t see either side agreeing with a number. And let’s be honest, Mayweather  would destroy McGregor in a boxing gloves ring. It wouldn’t be a fight worth spending $60- $100 on.

Don’t get your hope up on this fight happening.



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