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October is the best sports month of the Year

When it comes to the sports calendar there is always a debate between April and October on which is the better month in the sports year. April has a lot to offer with the Final Four, beginning of baseball season, the NHL and NBA playoffs, The Masters and usually the NFL draft. Your favorite month in the sports calendar is going to depend on which sports mean more to you. It is October for me. I am definitely interested in the Final Four and playoffs in the NHL and NBA but I don’t watch golf and the NFL draft doesn’t intrigue me that much.

October is an embarrassment of riches for people that watch sports every day. It is the start of the MLB playoffs and NHL season at the beginning of the month. Both college football and the NFL are in the middle of their seasons throughout the month. The end of the month has the World Series and the start of the NBA season. October also has events in MMA, NASCAR, the PGA and MLS if you are into that sort of thing. I am not but it just adds to an impressive sports month.

This October has already gotten off to an interesting start during the weekend. The Notre Dame Clemson game was controlled by the Tigers for three quarters but Notre Dame stormed back from an 18 point deficit and were a missed two point conversion away from tying it in the last minute. The Dallas Cowboys almost overcame their various injuries and fought hard in an overtime game against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday night football. The Saints were victorious however, when Drew Brees hit C.J. Spiller on a wheel route for the winning touchdown.

The best is yet to come however. The baseball playoffs will begin in the next few days and with all of the parity in the sport, particularly in the National League, it will make for an exciting postseason. Like every weekend in the fall, there will be pivotal matchups in college football and the NFL as teams begin to separate from the great, the good and the bad. The best part of new seasons is seeing players on new teams and it will be interesting to see how teams in the NBA and NHL change after some lose star players and others gain them. October is a unique month as one sport has its playoffs and championship, others are in mid season and others are just beginning.

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