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On This Day in Sports History January 11

On This Day in Sports History January 11


On this day in 2008, the Cleveland Indians changed the name of their stadium to Progressive Field. It had been called Jacobs Field since 1994. The Indians signed a 16-year naming right agreement with the insurance company, who will pay the Indians 3.6 million a year until 2023.


On this day in 1987, the Denver Broncos were trailing the Cleveland Browns 20-13 with 5:32 remaining in the AFC Championship Game.  John Elway, who was Denver’s quarterback, drove his team 98 yards down the field to tie up the game, and the Broncos would go on to win in overtime, advancing to Super Bowl XXI.  You can watch “The Drive” below.


On this day in 1984, the Denver Nuggets beat the San Antonio Spurs 163-155, which is the second-highest scoring non-overtime game in the history of the NBA.  The two teams combined to score 99 points in the fourth quarter.


On this day in 1995, the NHLPA and the owners agreed to end the NHL strike, that lasted 3 months, 1 week and three days.  The season was shortened to 48 games instead of the 84, and was the shortest season in 53 years.


The featured image of Progressive Field is licensed under CC by 2.0.

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