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On this Day in Sports History March 22

On this Day in Sports History March 22


On this day in 1960, the Philadelphia Warriors beat the Boston Celtics 128-107 in Game 5 of the Eastern Division Finals.  The game featured 169 rebounds by both teams, which is an NBA playoff record.

College Basketball

On this day in 1969, UCLA defeated Purdue 92-72 to become the first college basketball team to win three straight titles.


On this day in 1993, Cleveland Indians pitchers Tim Crews and Steve Olin were killed in a boat accident. Bob Ojeda was also seriously injured.


On this day in 1994, the National Football League announced that they would add the two-point conversion.  It was the first time in 75 seasons that a scoring rule was changed.


On this day in 1964, Muhammad Ali was stripped of his world heavyweight title for refusing to enlist in the US Army, citing his religious beliefs and opposition to the Vietnam war.

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