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On this Day in Sports History October 6

On this Day in Sports History October 6


On this day in 1963, the Los Angeles Dodgers sweep the New York Yankees to win the World Series.

On this day in 1966, 20-year-old Jim Palmer became the youngest pitcher in major league history to record a shutout in a World Series game when the Orioles defeated the Dodgers, 6-0.

On this day in 1985, Phil Niekro won his 300th game when the Yankees beat the Blue Jays, 8-0.

On this day in 2001, the Seattle Mariners won their 116th game to tie the 1906 Cubs major league record.

On this day in 2009, Joe Mauer of the Minnesota Twins won his third consecutive batting title.

On this day in 2010, Philadelphia Phillies righty Roy Halladay became the second pitcher to throw a no-hitter in the postseason.


On this day in 1985, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Joe Montana set an NFL record with 57 pass attempts.

On this day in 2003, the Indianapolis Colts came back to beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after trailing by 21 with four minutes left in the game. The Colts won 38-35 and became the first team to overcome that many points in that short of time.

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