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Is Patrick Corbin the next superstar pitcher?

The former Arizona Diamondbacks ace pitcher Patrick Corbin is ready for the 2016 season. Corbin missed the entire 2014 season with Tommy John elbow surgery. Corbin came back in 2015 and went 6-5 3.60 ERA in 16 starts for the D-Backs.

Corbin will now get to pitch a full season again which he hasn’t done since 2013. In 2013 Corbin was an All-Star and went 14-8 3.41 ERA in 32 starts for the D-Backs. I fully expect Corbin to be the same pitcher that he was in 2013 and possibly even better.

I see Corbin as the next breakout superstar pitcher in 2016 much like what Jake Arrieta did with the Chicago Cubs in 2015. Corbin is a guy that just knows how to pitch and command the strike zone. Corbin came off Tommy John surgery and did not miss a beat from his 2013 season. Obviously there was some rust and it wasn’t a perfect season in 2015, but after having a full off-season to rest his elbow should really help.

Corbin should be fully ready to take over the league in 2016. The D-Backs have a much improved team and a reliable offense. Corbin does not have to throw a shutout for the D-Backs to win and that takes a lot of pressure off the pitcher. Knowing that your offense has your back and you can just go out their and pitch. Look out for Corbin in 2016 because this guy is the next superstar pitcher.

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