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Philly trusted the process – It paid off

The Sixers made the move to get the number one pick from Boston, and on Thursday they drafted the widely regarded best player in the draft, Markelle Fultz.

The point guard from Washington was being picked as number one on all draft boards for months.

Fultz joins a young Philadelphia core of Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, seemingly forming a ‘big three’.

It all seems to be coming together on paper, with the number one picks from the past two seasons joining forces, as well as the 3rd pick from the 2014 draft.

However, Embiid has only played in 31 NBA basketball games in the three seasons since he has been drafted. Ben Simmons is yet to have made his NBA debut after a season sidelined through injury.

It may be less than half a season of basketball, but what Embiid showed in 31 games is just how dangerous the Sixers could be going forward. Despite playing on a minutes restriction, he completely dominated every game he played in.

The Sixers have had plenty of bad luck with injuries, and will be hoping their fortunes change when Fultz hits the ground running. They somehow have to keep Embiid and Simmons healthy so we can see the full force of this young group.

Now it is a matter of getting the group together and learning to play as a unit. There is a lack of NBA experience between the three starlets. Will this stop them from making the playoffs in the East this season? Perhaps. However there is no doubt Philadelphia are on the rise once again. Their playoff return surely is not much further away.

The NBA fan-base will now have their eyes peeled on Summer League to see Fultz in action for the first time. He will likely be joined by Dario Saric, but will not be accompanied by Ben Simmons, who has already ruled himself out of playing in the tournament.

The future looks bright in Philly once again. It seems ‘trusting the process’ may have paid off at long last.

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