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President’s Cup 2015: Spieth vs. Day

Professional golf provided plenty of entertainment worldwide for its fans during the 2015 season. From Jordan Spieth winning the first two majors of the year and surrendering his Grand Slam hopes to Zach Johnson at St. Andrew’s, to Jason Day stealing the world number one ranking from Spieth with a few wins of his own, 2015 has been a year to remember.

Between Spieth and Day, 10 tournament wins were accounted for. Two majors for Spieth, and one for Day. During their “off weeks”, they were able to secure a few top 10’s as well. 26 total between the two of them to be exact. With a combined age of 49 years old (Spieth 22, Day 27), golf seems to be in good hands.

With Spieth poetically winning the Tour Championship and pocketing the $10 million FedEx Cup bonus, many fans have checked out and turned their attention to football. But hold on, the year isn’t over. The Presidents Cup will be held in South Korea this Thursday through Sunday. October 8th through October 11th should provide one last battle between the two rising stars.

Jordan Spieth will be leading the United States Team while Jason Day will lead the International Team. Due to team formats and each captain preferring to obtain a win during the final round singles matches, it’s doubtful a Spieth/Day showdown will occur. But hey, 2015 hasn’t necessarily been a predictable year right? At the very least, maybe Patrick Reed will get heckled and be forced to quiet the opposing crowd again.

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