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Ranking the Top Falcons Players of All-Time

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Although the Atlanta Falcons are not the first franchise you would think of when considering all-time great player’s franchises, they have some modern greats that will have their eye on making an “all-time” position list in the near future. Their early seasons were characterized by losing, but they have turned it around recently notching two trips to the Super Bowl in recent history and if some of the players on this list keep producing at high levels, more trips in the future can be counted on.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Players who contributed to team success were worth more than players who had individually great seasons
  • Players were ranked according to their accomplishments while present in the Falcons franchise

10. Tommy Nobis (1965-1976)

Nobis was the first player drafted by the expansion Falcons back in 1965. He quickly established himself as a fan favorite and won Rookie of the Year, was voted to the Pro Bowl, and collected 294 combined tackles which is still the Falcons season record. Nobis went to 5 Pro Bowls, 2 All-Pro selections, and was elected to the All-Decade team for the 1960’s despite only playing for half the decade.

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