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Rejuvenated Rondo!

The Sacramento Kings haven’t had the best start to the new NBA season, opening with a record of 2-7 from their first 9 games. Tonight they take on Brooklyn with a chance to improve their record and kick start their season.

Despite the poor start, Kings fans will be excited to see Rajon Rondo back to his very  best. The 29 year old point guard has come up with two triple-doubles in his past 3 games! He is averaging 12 points a game, with 8 assists and just under 7 rebounds.

The first of his triple-doubles came against MVP Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors. Despite the loss, Rondo managed to put up 14 points, and finished the game with 12 rebounds and 15 assists!

He then managed 8 points and 12 assists in the loss to San Antonio two days later, but he produced another jaw-dropping triple double in the win against Detroit, putting up 14 points, as well as 15 assists and 11 boards.

There is no doubt that Rondo is one of the most entertaining players to watch when he is at his best. He’s known around the league for his passing ability, with 4852 career assists to his name after 9 years in the NBA. His season averages are currently higher than his career stats, which shows he is playing at a high level early on.

Let’s not forget that in the past 4 games Rondo is also averaging just over 3 steals a game, which doesn’t always get taken into account, even though fast break points can make all the difference down the stretch.

Looking at the rest of the Sacramento line-up, there is no shortage of talent. Of course there is Demarcus Cousins, who in my mind is one of the

is also in the lineup as well as the 6th overall pick in the 2015 NBA draft, Willie-Cauley Stein.

So there is no doubt in my mind that the Kings have the players here to mount a serious challenge for the playoffs, they haven’t started the season in the best way, but who is to say they can’t turn that around? After all they do have another 73 games to play. Rumors continue to spread about Demarcus Cousins falling out with Head Coach George Karl, but top big men in the NBA right now and potentially an MVP candidate in the near future. Rudy Gay that shouldn’t stop this team from moving towards the playoffs in the West, because although it’s competitive on the west side, that’s where they should be.

So Rondo has had a great start to the new season, but his team hasn’t. Where do you think the Kings will finish up and do you think Rondo can keep the good performances coming throughout the season? Tweet me @tombonnett2 with your thoughts.

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