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Rockies Most Likely Won’t Trade Carlos Gonzalez Today

The Colorado Rockies will most likely keep Carlos Gonzalez through the deadline, according to Chris Cotillo of SB Nation.  Most people thought that the team would try and trade Gonzalez at the deadline since the team already moved Troy Tulowitzki, but it’s apparent that Gonzalez trade value might be soaring with his hot stretch to start the second half of the 2015 season.  The 29-year-old might be worth more to teams during the offseason.  His contract is set to end following the 2017 season, which would give a team two full years of a left-handed outfielder in his prime.

The Mets, Orioles and Angels have all been linked to Gonzalez.  The team could still trade him, but the offer would have to blow them away and to be honest the only team that has the prospects to make the deal would be the Mets, and it appears they don’t want to part with any of them.

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