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SEC Picks Week 9

SEC Picks Week 9

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SEC Picks Week 9

I picked a few upsets last week and none of them panned out, but my biggest mistake was picking the god awful Florida Gators.  Florida got demolished at home by Missouri 42-13, and the Gators didn’t score until the end of the third quarter.   Florida is off this week, luckily for me and everyone associated with the University.

I also went out on a limb and picked Kentucky to upset LSU in Baton Rouge, and I missed that game by a few light years.  LSU abused Kentucky and gave them no mercy, I had a lot of respect for the Wildcats until this week.  I thought that Kentucky had a chance against Mississippi State, but now they don’t.  The Bulldogs will obliterate Kentucky and CBS will have back to back weeks of blowouts.  Ole Miss at LSU is without a doubt the better game this week.

I missed badly on the Georgia at Arkansas game too.  I think Arkansas is a good team, but I think they were still down after losing by one to Alabama.  Arkansas next conference game is at Mississippi State, so look for the winless streak to continue.  Georgia is the favorite to win the east, but I don’t think they’re anywhere close to the top four teams in the west.  Most people say Georgia is the best team in the SEC because Alabama barely beat Arkansas, and Georgia blew them out. Well, Alabama blew out Texas A&M, who beat Arkansas by one touchdown. It’s like comparing apples and oranges.

This week the SEC is lacking in good match ups, but #3 Ole Miss at #24 LSU is the headliner.  LSU is at home and coming off a blowout and has some momentum.  Ole Miss is coming off a 34-3 win over Tennessee.  I think this game will be decided by the quarterback play.  Will Ole Miss get the good Bo Wallace or the bad?  Can Anthony Jennings manage the game and not turnover the ball?

Mississippi State at Kentucky was suppose to be a good game, but after the wildcats got blown out I consider this game a weak one.  I expect the Bulldogs to have no problems running up the score in this game.

Alabama travels to play at Tennessee this week, can the Vols get that big upset they’ve been waiting for and their first conference win of the season?

Saturday, October 25

13 UAB @ Arkansas 34

52 #1 Mississippi State @ Kentucky 17

10 Vanderbilt @ Missouri 45

24 #3 Ole Miss @ #24 LSU 28

17 South Carolina @ #5 Auburn 37

41 #4 Alabama @ Tennessee 3

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