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Tennessee Knocks Off Georgia

With both teams needing the win, Georgia and Tennessee faced off in Neyland stadium. Both teams looking at their SEC East standings and needing this game to have a chance of winning the East. Tennessee, sporting their smoky gray uniforms, being the underdog, comes in needing this win to have any hopes of a winning season.

The day started off rough for the Dawgs as their star back Nick Chubb goes down during the first drive. After what looks like a hyperextended knee, the dawgs went with Keith Marshall, and were unable to get the first down.

The teams battled back and forth, each having multiple 3-and-outs. That was until Leonard Floyd recovered a fumble by the Vol’s Jalen Hurd and ran it 96 yards for the td. In Response. The Vols marched the ball down the field, but after a couple incomplete passes in the end zone, the Vols had to settle for a field goal.

As if to show their support to their fallen teammate, and to show the Tennessee receivers how to hold on to the ball in the end zone, the Georgia offense opened the second quarter with a touchdown pass by Grayson Lambert to Malcolm Mitchell, putting the dawgs up 14-3. The Vols’ attempt to answer was stopped short and was forced to punt it away. The Dawgs, then, unable to put it back in the end zone, has a missed field goal and gave it back to Tennessee.

The Vols turned it back over, on downs, and the Dawgs were able to score on a field goal, making it 17-3. With 4 minutes left to go in the first half, the Tennessee offensive line injuries started to show, with the Bulldogs’ defense baing able to get in the back field with ease. After a botched punt, Georgia’s Reggie Davis returned it 70 yards for the touchdown, putting the dawgs up 24-3.

Toward the end of the half, Tennessee chose to go for it twice on fourth down, the second time resulting in a touchdown pass to Josh Smith. After fumbling on the kickoff return, Tennessee recovers it with 55 seconds to go in the half. Tennessee took advantage, and scored on a 2 yard td pass to Alvin Kamara. With the successful field goal, Tennessee gets back in the game and makes the score 24-17.

Starting the second half, the Vols were unable to capitalize on their momentum and had to kick it away. However, after holding the Dawgs, Joshua Dobbs was able to march his team down field and ran the ball in on a 1 yard touchdown run. With the extra point, the Vols tied it up after being down by 21.

In an effort to get ahead, after stopping the Bulldogs offense against, Tennessee marches it back down the field where Dobbs hooks up with Kamara for another TD, putting the Vols up 31-24. At the start of the 4th, not to be out done, Georgia rushes down the field and scores to tie it back up.

In their next drive, the Tennessee shootout begun. Joshua Dobbs, after completing several screen passes during the game, was able to open up several across the middle to bring it within the 15 yard line. Then, to show he’s not just a strong arm, Dobbs runs it twice up the middle to score for Tennessee. After the field goal, the Vols went up 38-31.

Georgia’s next drive seemed promising until Lambert’s perfectly timed pass to Davis was dropped in the end zone, forcing a Georgia punt. However, on the other side of the ball, Georgia’s defense held the Vols to only 3 plays and forcing a 4th down decision. After attempting to draw the defense off-sides, Tennessee chose to punt it away, with the ball going out of bounds at the half yard lone of Georgia.

The fight never left Georgia. Battling out of their own end zone, with the defense blitzing on every play, they were able to bring the ball to mid-field with 34 seconds left in the game. With time for one last play, Georgia goes for the end zone and the pass is deflected by Brian Randolph, giving the Vols the win.

Final score: 38-31



Key players on both side:

Joshua Dobbs showed his arm and leg strength in today’s game. He threw 25-42 for 312 yards and ran 18 times for 118 yards on the game.

Greyson Lambert threw 15-32 for 279 yards; not his best showing of the year.

Sony Michel led the Bulldogs in rushing carrying the ball 22 times for 145 yards.

Jalen Hurd was second in rushing for the Vols, carrying the ball 21 times with 80 yards.

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