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The Best NHL Teams of All Time

Picking the best NHL team of all time is never an easy task. There are so many stand out teams, so many great players, and periods where one team dominated for years.

The teams selected here were based on the amount of Stanley Cups they have won, the hall of famers in the team, and their period of dominance primarily. No team from after 1990 features which is interesting. This list tracks the best NHL teams from the Ottawa Senators team of 1919 to 1927 to the Edmonton Oilers of 1983 to 1990. Has any team in the last 25 years had the periods of dominance these teams had?

There are also some very interesting facts about the teams during this period that are fascinating. It’s amazing and so sad that hall of famer Jack Darragh of the Ottawa Senators died of peritonitis in 1924 but what an amazing career he had.

This info-graphic from Tucker Hockey outlines the greatest achieving NHL teams and lists the successes the teams had during their periods of dominance.

Tucker Hockey

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