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The Definitive Guide to the Best Foods at MLB Stadiums

There was a time when the best you could get at an MLB stadiums in terms of food was Cracker Jacks and peanuts. Times have changed, and how, today people actually spend time contemplating what they will munch on while watching the game. If the game goes all the way through to nine innings, you need to keep those carbs and beverages coming in otherwise you will feel more tired than the players out on the field. But you cannot just make do with hot dogs, can you? Moreover, MLB stadia have been known to keep pricey beer, which is usually craft.

Therefore, you need some idea of what you should eat and where when it comes to watching a game. To help you out, here is an overview of some of the best stadia in the MLB in terms of food and what you should eat there:

Citi Field – New York Mets

The Mets’ games are well-attended every season but there may be a reason for this in addition to the quality of the team: the food at the Citi Field. Among the variety of options available to you, there is a Blue Smoke, where you can savor brisket sandwiches and even pulled pork sandwiches, if you are into it. Not to forget, there is a Shake Shack there as well. Any stadium with a Shake Shack deserves to be visited for a game (the Nats Park also has one). You will also find a Pat LaFrieda sandwich stand, Pressed, Rao’s and a Belgian frites spot.

The credit goes to Danny Meyer and the Mets’ management too, for getting him involved in the in-stadium food options. In addition to the great food, the beer on offer is great too. You get virtually any kind of New York craft beer you could want, including Queens, Brooklyn and Bronx. Enjoy the food and beer the next time you are at the Citi Field.

The AT&T Park – San Francisco Giants

There is an herb garden on the outfield of the AT&T Park, which is a sign of things as far as the food and beverages offer are concerned. You get bibimbap, which are authentically Caribbean, garlic fries, and a crab sandwich wrapped in garlic butter sourdough no less. And when it comes to the drinks, the Public House is just about as you can get in an MLB stadium. The best part is that the wide range of beers is available in go-to cups. So, you can grab one before the game and sip it as you watch. Not to forget, you will also find a Slice House here!

Petco Park – San Diego Padres

At the Petco Park, the beer is better than the food, and it is superior to most other MLB stadiums. You have Karl Strauss, AleSmith, Stone and Ballast Point (they have their own beer gardens in Petco Park) and Green Flash. If you are in the mood for some fish ‘n’ chips, head to Anthony’s Fish Grotto. If you want a decent burger, there is Hodad’s. You will also find Phil’s, a BBQ joint and you can get a pizza from Filippi’s. Not to mention, Baked Bear can make you an ice cream sandwich of any flavor of your choice. In terms of overall food taste and beer variety, Petco Park is the best MLB stadium.

So, these are three of the best MLB stadia ranked according to the variety of food and drinks they offer. You will have a delectable experience that will tantalize your taste buds while you enjoy the game. Nothing can beat this combo, right!

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