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Top 10 Devonte Wilson Workouts

Devonte M. Wilson’s story is certainly a strange one. The University of Kansas student has been labeled everywhere as a football player for the college – yet he’s not on the team. Being cut might have been the best thing to ever happen to him, though. He’s now internet-famous for the crazy workouts he posts on Instagram.

Motivated by being turned down by the team, he started pushing himself farther, doing more and more intense workouts. People have taken some serious notice of Wilson and his “freakish athleticism” – and for good reason. His workouts are nuts. Here’s our top 10.

1. Jumping Over Stacks Taller Than Himself

His jumping was already pretty impressive – but then he took it to the next level, clearing a stack that has a couple inches on his substantial height. No word on how many times he tried this before he got it right though.

2. Taking Balance to a Whole New Level

Yeah, the beginning parts of the video are cool, but it’s the ending that really stands out. His balance is incredible.

3. Dabbing While Lifting 405 Pounds

As if deadlifting 405 pounds with one arm isn’t enough, he throws a dab in there for good measure. He likes to add a level of style to his workouts, you have to give him that.

4. Getting Enough Air to Get His Head at a Basketball Hoop Rim

He’s 6 feet tall, but he gets enough height to get his head up to the basketball hoop rim. That’s a pretty sweet vertical jump.

5. Making a Unique Use of Gymnastics Equipment

He takes the gymnastic equipment and truly makes it his own, using it in ways it certainly isn’t normally.

6. Going Hard on an Underwater Treadmill

Underwater treadmills are often used for physical therapy, but on this one he really cranks up the speed. The resistance helps you take things to the next level.

7. Making Your Abs Hurt Just By Watching This Video

As he says in his caption, a strong core is essential when you’re an athlete. And that 135-pound Dragon Flag can make even a decently fit person have some core pain.

8. His Superhero Workout Video

Whistle Sports took notice of Williams’ awesome videos and made a new one for him. It highlights some of his best workout moments – with superhero effects. It makes his moves look eve more epic.

9. Showing Off His Strength, Balance and Control at the Same Time

We know he can lift insane amounts and has crazy good balance and control. This workout shows how he combines all three of those to create something legendary.

10. Jumping the Height of a Large Child … With Weights

Jumping is one thing – but jumping 56-58 inches into the air while lugging weights is another. Watching this makes it almost look easy, though.

Williams could teach us all a lesson on perseverance and dedication. Even though playing college football was his dream and he got cut from the team, he didn’t get discouraged. Instead, he used it to work even harder so he can hopefully attain his goal one day. Watch his workouts and get inspired for your own fitness journey.

Scott Huntington lives in Harrisburg PA and writes all over the internet about sports, cars, and more. Check out his blog Off The Throttle or follow him on Twitter @SMHuntington.

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