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Top 15 Point Guards Of All Time

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1. Erving ‘Magic’ Johnson

Magic was a revolutionary point man, he was the first point guard with legitimate height (6-foot-9) to dominate the game of basketball. Johnson helped lead the “Showtime” Los Angeles Lakers to five NBA championships during the 1980s with some help from a great team. Johnson’s court vision was uncanny, and his teams’ fast paced offense played perfectly for his passing abilities. In his rookie season Magic won the NBA championship, and was named the NBA Finals MVP when he helped fill in for the injured Kareem Abdul-Jabar. Johnson finished his career with the highest assist per game average of all-time (11.2), and Magic is a three time league Most Valuable Player, as well as a three time finals MVP. He also finished his career with 138 triple-doubles, which puts him as second all-time in that category, but first all-time for the purposes of this list.

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