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Tigers sign outfielder Justin Upton

The Detroit Tigers and All-Star outfielder Justin Upton have agreed on terms for a six year deal. Upton and the Tigers have agreed on a six year deal for 132.75 million. Upton most recently with the San Diego Padres where he batted .251 with 26 homeruns and 81 RBI in 150 games. Upton a three time All-Star in his nine major league seasons and has almost 200 career homeruns during that time.

Reportedly Al Avila the Tigers general manager and Brad Ausmus the Tigers manager flew to Upton’s home in Phoenix last friday to negotiate the deal. Upton refused to accept a short term deal and wouldn’t take anything under five years. Upton also wanted to be paid around 23 million per season, but the Tigers and Upton agreed to a deal around 22 million per season.

Upton is an elite outfielder that can give a team 25 homeruns on average per season, play good defense and actually stay on the field. Upton has not experienced too many injuries during his major league career and has been able to stay health and on the field. This deal does put the Tigers over the 189 million luxury tax for the first time in Tigers franchise history.

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