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Top 10 Minnesota Vikings Teams of All-Time

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Welcome to heartbreak. If you are a fellow Minnesota Vikings fan like me, this list might be a tough one to get through for one obvious reason; no happy ending. The Vikings are the NFL team with the all-time best winning percentage in the regular season to still be searching for their first Super Bowl championship. I still maintain that if they ever do win one (such as in their own stadium this coming February perhaps?) it will be made that much sweeter since they have come so close so many times. Still, the Vikings are a storied franchise with a lot of great teams. Let’s countdown the top ten.

10. 1987

The 1987 Minnesota Vikings season was in many ways the antithesis of most of the seasons on this list. Instead of having a dominant regular season team that fell short, the 1987 Vikes were a thoroughly mediocre team in the regular season that overachieved in the playoffs to the point where they almost snuck into their fifth Super Bowl.

The 1987 NFL season was a bizarre one which included a players’ strike that led to replacement players being used for three games in October. The Vikings lost all three games played with the temporary players, so their ultimate 8-7 regular season record was probably not indicative of how good they really were. Still, this was no dominant team. That said, the Vikings knocked off the Saints in New Orleans, then the legendary Joe Montana and the dynastic 49ers in San Francisco. The run ultimately ended when the Vikings lost 17-10 at the doorstep of the end zone against the Redskins in Washington. Despite falling short, it was a hell of a run that deserves to be recognized.

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