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Top 2017 Prospect Dylan Moses Decommits from LSU

Dylan Moses committed to LSU almost two years ago, which was four years before he would enroll at the school.  Now the number one player in the country in 2017 has decommited from hometown team.

The Baton Rouge native posted the following message on Twitter.

“After talking to my parents, I’ve decided to decommit from LSU,” Moses said. “This was a very tough decision for me but I think it was the right one for me. Two years ago I decided I wanted to commit to LSU because it felt right. I felt like it was what I was expected to do.

“I have an awesome relationship with the staff. I love them because they treat me like family. My cousin (Corey Raymond) is on the coaching staff and I’ve built great relationships with Coach Miles and Coach Frank over the years. There’s definitely LOVE there. Because of this, LSU is my No. 1.

After talking to my mom, I know realize that when you’re truly committed to something, there’s no room for others to compete. There shouldn’t be any outside interest. I was younger and doing what I thought was right at the time. Now that I truly understand what being committed means, I want to think things through and make sure that the next time I commit, I will be signing a letter of intent and there will be no other schools in the mix. I will be doing what’s best for me versus what is expected of me. My plan now is focusing on bettering myself as a high school student athlete, perfecting my craft and helping my teammates win another CHAMPIONSHIP.”

Alabama, Texas and Florida State are the top schools along with LSU that are recruiting Moses. Right now most think he will end up at LSU and is just wanting to enjoy the process.

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