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Top 50 NBA Players Of All Time

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2. LeBron James

THE KING! Lebron currently has three titles to his name and finally brought a championship to Cleveland in 2016. He is the most dominant player of this generation and nobody comes close. He made eight consecutive final appearances, winning three.

Lebron has created a legacy that has inspired a generation, and has never put a foot wrong off the court, doing so much work for the local community and even paying for kids to go to College! The four time MVP and 13 time All-star will leave behind a legacy very similar to that of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. He’s not done yet though, and could have a couple more championships before he’s finished!

Compare LeBron James statistically to other great players!

1. Michael Jordan

It just had to be Michael Jordan, the most dominant NBA player of all time. The Chicago Bulls became a dynasty in the 90’s, winning six championships in eight years. Jordan became the world’s biggest sporting icon and inspired an entire generation, and then another after that! Many current players where the number 23 because of the impact Jordan had on them growing up.

He was the MVP of the league five times and was a 14 time all-star. His competitive drive was stronger than any athlete in the world. When he won his first championship, he held up two fingers, he wanted more. He did that for each championship he won, he held up an extra finger because he wanted more, and he got it. The greatest basketball player to ever play in the NBA, Michael Jordan.

Compare Michael Jordan statistically to other great players!

Thank you for checking out the top 50 NBA players of all time! Which current players do you think will be climbing the list, or even joining it in the future?

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