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Top 10 Minnesota Twins Teams of All-Time

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The Minnesota Twins are the only Minnesota franchise to win a “Big Four” professional championship in my lifetime. In fact, they have won two. Because of this, they will always hold an important piece of the hearts and minds of the Minnesota sports fan, even if the Vikings have the biggest following and they play in the State of Hockey. 1987 and 1991 are not the only great seasons the team has had though. Let’s take a look at the top ten seasons in Twins history. Please note, this list only considers their time in Minnesota, so no Washington Senators seasons will be making an appearance.

10. 2004

In many ways, the 2004 Minnesota Twins season was a carbon copy of their 2003 season. The win-loss record was within two games; they won the AL Central and lost in the ALDS to the New York Yankees in four games. What made 2004 a more fun season, if not necessarily more successful, was Johan Santana.

Even though he won the pitching Triple Crown in 2006, I believe that 2004 was the finest season of Santana’s career. He won his first of two AL Cy Young awards as well as his first ERA and strikeout titles. Even though he finished 20-6, he did not make the All Star Game, as he started 7-6 then finished a blistering 13-0, the best second half record for a pitcher in Major League history. Torii Hunter was the biggest part of the defense that helped Santana’s incredible season, picking up the fourth Gold Glove of his career.

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