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Top 10 Minnesota Twins Teams of All-Time

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9. 2010

The only season in the Target Field era to crack the top ten was also the first at the beautiful Downtown Minneapolis ballpark. Jim Thome joined the fray and added epic moonshots to the Minneapolis skyline. Ron Gardenhire picked up the only AL Manager of the Year trophy of his career despite being close many other seasons. Like a couple others on this list, the season ended in a sweep, this time at the hands of those damn Yankees.

Actually, the most notable event of the 2010 Twins seasons was an awful one. Justin Morneau suffered a season-ending concussion when he got kneed in the head in Toronto trying to break up a double play on July 7. Morneau was in the midst of an incredible season at the time, with a .345 average and 18 home runs, better numbers than even his 2006 Most Valuable Player campaign. Though he would play for the Twins again, he never fully regained his form. His best season after 2010 came as a member of the Colorado Rockies, when he won the National League batting title in 2014.

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