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Trevone Boykin Scouting Report

Year:                                                                                        Position:

Trevone Boykin’s Info

College: TCU
Class: 2016
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 205
Position: Quarterback
Position Ranking: 11
40 Time: 4.63

  • Displays exceptional athleticism.
  • Excellent at using his legs to keep a play alive.
  • Solid arm and throws the ball with good velocity.
  • Good at throwing on the run.
  • Very poised in the pocket.
  • Tremendous arm strength.
  • Very coachable player.
  • High potential player.
  • Plays in a spread offense and doesn’t have much experience in a pro system.  This is his biggest downside and he would be one of the first quarterbacks off the board if he can learn how to play in a pro-style offense.
  • Sometimes locks on to one receiver.
  • Needs to improve on his accuracy consistency.
Trevone Boykin’s Pro Comparison
Trevone Boykin’s Draft Projection
  • Third – Fifth Round
Trevone Boykin’s Highlights

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