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Understanding Our Scouting Scale

The Fueled by Sports baseball scouting scale is a little different then the traditional 20-80 scale that most scouts use. We use a five-point scale, which we hope is easier for the ordinary fan to understand. The scale is based on projection and not the player’s current ability.

We use the traditional scale when first scouting a player then we breakout that down to our scale.  Here’s a good article on the traditional scale by Fangraphs.

Under our scale a five-tool player will score a 4 or better in every category, this is very rare.  A five tool player is someone that can hit for contact, hit for power, run, field and throw above the normal average.

Hitting Scale (The contact and power numbers below are projections of how well we think the player will do at the major league level)

Scale Batting Average (Contact) Home Runs (Power) 60 Yard Run
5 .300 or greater 35+ 6.3-6.6
4 .280 to .299 20-34 6.7
3 .260 to .279 10-19 6.8-6.9
2 .240 to .259 5-9 7.0-7.1
1 .220 to .239 1-4 7.2 or more

Hitter’s Overall Grade

Grade Hitter
22+ Top 5 Player
19-21 All-Star
17-18 Plus
15-16 Above Average
13-14 Average
11-12 Below Average
9-10 Bench Player
7 or below Lifetime Minor Leaguer

Our pitcher scale is either based out of 40 or 35, depending on how many pitches a player has in his arsenal.

Pitcher’s Overall Grade

Grade (35) Grade (40) Pitcher
28+ 32+ Top 10 Pitcher
26-27 30-31 All-Star
24-25 28-29 Plus
22-23 26-27 Above Average
20-21 24-25 Average
18-19 22-23 Below Average
16-17 20-21 Occasional Call-Up
14 or below 18 or below Lifetime Minor Leaguer

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