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We Want The “Wild Thing”

Just shortly after the Cleveland Indians sealed their trip back to the World Series for the first time since 1997 Wednesday evening against the Toronto Blue Jays. Fans began an uproar of interests by pouring their wishes on social media to have Cleveland Indian great Rick ” The Wild Thing” Vaughn throw out the ceremonial first pitch to begin this year’s World Series. And I am one of those fans! Who wouldn’t want to see this happen?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with who Rick Vaughn is, here’s a little history lesson for you. Vaughn was recruited out of the California Penal League  by the Cleveland Indians in the late 1980’s. During spring training, Vaughn had control problems. He worked very hard to control that triple digit fastball of his, later nicknamed ” The Terminator.” So they started him at the beginning of the season at relief.

He made his Major League debut as a reliever against the New York Yankees. His very first pitch was  “Juuuuuuuuuuust a  bit outside” by about 8 feet. After that first pitch, he would go on to throw 11 straight balls, walking the bases loaded. On his very next pitch facing his 4th batter, he found the strike zone. However that strike ball found the stands about 30 rows back over the left field wall for a grand slam. Ever since his fateful debut, Vaughn has been a Cleveland Indian icon.

If this piece of info still hasn’t rang a bell with you, maybe it’s because Rick Vaughn doesn’t exist. Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn is a fictionl character played by Charlie Sheen from the 1989 film Major League  and it’s 199 sequel  Major League II. Both films are sports movie icons.  When social media blew up with requests to have “Wild Thing” throw the ceremonial first pitch of the World series.

Charlie Sheen himself got wind of it, and responded on twitter with this:

I doubt this will happen, but a guy can dream can’t he?

Here’s a scenario I was thinking about. If Vaughn is able to throw out the first pitch and a man in catcher gear later to be revealed Jake Taylor (Tom Berrenger) walks out to the mound. Soon afterwards Roger Dorn (Corbin Bernson) walks out to the mound. After probably a standing O, Dorn signals to the Bullpen that he wants the righty, the “Wild Thing”. And just before  the bullpen door opens, the song “Wild Thing” starts playing, and out comes Rick Vaughn (Charlie Sheen).With that same ol’ haircut, sleeveless uniform. He goes out to the mound, to have Dorn hand him the ball. Just before he throws out the first pitch, Rick turns around with his back turned, Jake who’s now behind home plate, turns back around to Jake to have on those infamous skull cross glasses.

All of that is doable by Tuesday night right?

C’mon Cleveland, let the world see one more “Terminator”.

Again, a guy and a few Major League fans can dream, right?

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