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Week 1 Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Adds

Do you smell that? There’s nothing like the smell of football season or the sounds coming from your wife’s mouth as she makes demands while you’re watching 8 games on one screen at the same damn time. Nonetheless, since football is back, I’m about as happy as Queen Cersei overlooking the fiery deaths of all her enemies at the end of season 7 in Game of Thrones. Do you remember the scene in Boyz in the hood where Ricky got shot? Well he ran for more yards than Adrian Peterson put up in week 1. Ricky!!!!! If you haven’t seen this movie, go to your nearest blockbuster and rent it but be sure to be kind and rewind before returning. Between the Saints and Chargers I’m uncertain who played worst in the fourth quarter. Both choked just as bad as King Joffrey Baratheon did at his wedding. Alright, enough being negative Nancy. The packers make football look like they’re playing with an easy button. Aaron Rodgers and Jordy are back and they will have an argument for being the best Qb-Wr tandem by the end of the year. Detroit won their game but their defense didn’t even pinch the Colts. D-town, expect a lot of shootouts this season. Antonio Brown can’t be guarded! Bashaud Breeland might be a good corner for the Redskins but leaving him on an island with the best route runner in football is just egregious. It was equivalent to a zombie following Rick….just unfair. HBO should get an Emmy for best screenplay for how they tricked us with the Rams. Let’s get into some waiver wire pickups.

QB waiver wire add: Jameis Winston
Did you hear that halftime speech he gave at the Florida State vs Ole Miss game? After hearing that speech, the Seminole players either had to go out and win that game or physically fight them…literally. They would have been forced to win one of those options. I know what you’re thinking when I suggest Famous Jameis. (insert any annoying voice) “Winston only did that because it was against the Falcons”. But he threw for 281 yards and 4 td’s. Temper expectations because the Bucs face a Cardinals team that can’t believe they let Garoppolo carve them up. So Arizona is probably just as angry as a person who has direct tv and trying to watch a game during a hurricane. That rhymed! Bars!

RB waiver wire add: Tevin Coleman
Everybody thinks the #1 rb to add is Theo Riddick. I like him, he’s shifty. But the rb to add is Tevin Coleman. If you used a 2nd round pick on Devonta Freeman you should be very worried. When the head coach says “we’re going with the hot hand at running back” you should update your LinkedIn account and do some touch ups to your resume because someone is coming to get your job and you might want to be prepared to relocate. In the last 5 games, Devonta Freeman has averaged 2.8 yards per carry. Tevin Coleman is about to pass him like Usain Bolt did the other Olympians in the 100m in Rio.

WR waiver wire add: Will Fuller
He’s the first Texans rookie to ever record 100 yards in his debut. I don’t think it’s a fluke. Brock Osweiler looks for him early and often. With DeAndre Hopkins getting so much attention, Fuller is having his way with defenders. Fuller was targeted 32.4 percent of his routes. That’s insane!!! Go get him!!!
TE waiver wire add: Eric Ebron
If you played Barnidge as your TE this week, you have to be just as upset as people who drafted Devonta Freeman. Help is on the waiver wire for you! Eric Ebron is a nightmare matchup for just about any linebacker and I think Stafford is starting to recognize that. He snagged all 5 targets and even came down with a TD. But don’t drop GARY BARNIDGE!!!! He’s Josh McCown’s favorite target!!!!

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