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Week 13 Waiver Wire Pick-ups


Week 12 takeaways:

The Panthers are the best team in football#KeepPounding. Initially, I was a little worried about their receiver corps, but all of them have stepped up like Channing Tatum’s first dance movie. I have no idea why Chip Kelly isn’t taking phone calls from USC and Miami! The Eagles are falling faster than Trevor from Fresh Prince. Even with the injuries, I can’t believe the packers offense isn’t clicking. James Jones is who we thought he was! The Saints are unwatchable. I’m a fan but I’d rather watch Soul Plane in reverse on mute while stepping on legos instead of watching the “Who Dat” crew. What happened to the falcons offense? Yep, it’s Casper right about now. I think the Saints can shut them down at the moment. It’s hard to believe the Seahawks won a shootout. Adrian Peterson is once again, a man amongst boys. The Browns are just “Brownsing” like they usually do. The entire organization is a just dumpster fire…They make the Jaguars look respectable. Let’s get into some waiver wire pick-ups.

#1 QB Waiver Wire add- Ryan Fitzpatrick ( 23% owned)
He looked more like Ryan Fitz-Magic Sunday. He threw for 277 yards and 4 td’s last week. He’s facing the Giants this week. The same Giants who allowed Drew Brees to score 7 td’s. I expect him to go off again feeding Decker and Marshall.
Honorable Mention: Brock Osweiler

#1 RB Waiver Wire add- David Johnson (27% owned)
It’s finally the rook’s turn to show that he can be lead this backfield. This is one high powered offense and I like DJ regardless of the gauntlet of a schedule that lies ahead. There is no need for me to bore you with the numbers because he only averages a handful of carries a game. He should get about 20 touches a game with CJ2K and Ellington nursing injuries.
Honorable Mention: Shaun Draughn

#1 WR Waiver Wire add-Doug Baldwin (36% owned)
I know what you’re thinking. “Why would I want a Seattle receiver”? And you would have a valid point if you thought this. But someone has to catch the ball in Seattle. DB has 6 catches in his last 3 games and he is clearly the #1 passing option in this offense(Get well soon Jimmy). Baldwin kind of had a big game with 3 td’s last week. The Seahawks have a rough schedule for the rest of the season but I anticipate he’ll lead the team in targets for the remainder of the season. All you can ask for is volume.
Honorable Mention: Dontrelle Inman

#1 TE Waiver Wire add- Scott Chandler (31% owned)
I’ve had an annual debate whether or not Gronk should be the MVP. I think the upcoming weeks will put that axiom to the test. Gronkowski is the best offensive weapon in football and this is equivalent to Spud Webb wearing Shaq’s shoes. It’s impossible to fill the void but I think Chandler will be a reputable week to week fill in. Scotty had 5 grabs for 58 yards and a TD on 11 targets against the Broncos. With Gronk sidelined, Chandler should attain double digit targets.
Honorable Mention: Vance McDonald

Don’t be afraid to start looking ahead to defensive/kicker matchups in the fantasy playoffs.

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