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Week 2 NFL Preseason Winners and Losers

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Winner#1-The Philadelphia Eagles

During the off-season, I have been extremely critical of Chip Kelly and his antics. Chip was getting rid of players like a newly divorced wife selling her ex-husband’s belongings at a yard sale. I just couldn’t understand how a coach could get rid of his best running back in Lesean Mccoy and his best receiver in Jeremy Maclin and expect to succeed. I know it’s preseason and everyone is chiming in for “Overreaction Monday” but the Philadelphia Eagles look like the Oregon Ducks minus the pushups after touchdowns. If Matt Barkley can look good, I think Sam Bradford can have a great year if he can stay upright. I’m still afraid of the three-headed monster that they have in the backfield. Murray and Matthews looked amazing against the ravens but I think they’ll be splitting carries during the season. I still believe Sproles will steal all the third down work so I’ll be avoiding this trio like I owe them money. Jordan Matthews and Nelson Agholor are primed for big seasons!

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