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What Duke Williams being kicked off of Auburn means

It has just come out that Auburn has kicked WR Duke Williams off of the team. This comes after his suspension in August and a very shaky start to the season with only 12 catches and 1 touchdown through 5 games. Coming into Auburn last season as the number 1 JUCO recruit, Williams has been riddled with problems from the start at Auburn.

With Duke not going to the draft and coming back for his senior year this will surly drop his stock majorly with all of the problems and baggage he will bring with him to a NFL team. As for Auburn I don’t think that the dismissal hurts their offense all that much. So far Duke only had 12 catches for 147 yards and one touchdown making his presence not that great on the field. Though he came into the season pre-ranked the number 1 receiver in the SEC nothing went as thought for him this season. I hope he can get his head on straight and make himself a great receiver for the draft next April but for his college football career, its over.

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