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Where will Tony Romo Play in 2017

Where will Tony Romo play in 2017? That will be one of the main stories as we enter the offseason. There are plenty of teams that need a quarterback and there isn’t much talent at the position in this year’s draft, but would a team want to take a chance on a 37-year-old (will be 37 in April) with an extensive injury history?

According to Jason La Confora of CBS Sports, “Romo prefers to be moved to a contending team — specifically, the Texans, Cardinals, Broncos or Chiefs. The Bills also have significant interest in Romo, team and league sources said, though they realize that it might be a tough sell. The Bills have not given up hope on retaining Tyrod Taylor on a lesser contract, too, though that might be wishful thinking on their part at this point.”

Out of those four teams, you would think the Broncos would be the favorite, but they’ve said they won’t trade for him. Then there is the Texans who spent big bucks on Brock Osweiler last offseason, but you would think that Houston wouldn’t want to high dollar QBs on the same roster. Houston also said that Romo won’t be a Texan. The Chiefs are probably not a good fit either, with Alex Smith signed through 2018 and leading the team to a 12-4 record in 2016.

Next you have the Cardinals, which is more of a possibility in my opinion, simply because it looks like Carson Palmer is mulling retirement and Arizona has too much talent to have another season like they did last year. Cardinals coach Bruce Arians doesn’t think Romo will end up in Arizona, but you never know, especially if Palmer retires. Arians also says that Palmer will be back in 2017, but we’ve yet to see an official announcement from the 37-year-old.

At this point, the Bills appear to be the most likely destination for Romo. They’re the only team with serious interest in him and will provide him with plenty of talent on offense in Sammy Watkins and LeSean McCoy.

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