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Will Vernon Adams be the Starting Quarterback at Oregon

Will Vernon Adams be the starting quarterback at Oregon in 2015? That’s the million dollar question around Eugene right now. Adams looks to take the place of the number two overall pick in the 2015 draft, Marcus Mariota. While it’s apparent that Adams is no Mariota and this could be a down year for the Ducks, it’s still fun to speculate and predict just how good Adams will be.

The senior missed all of summer workouts and the first week of fall camp due to eligibility issues, but those have now been straightened out and the Jeff Lockie vs Adams quarterback battle has begun.

There’s definitely a lot of hype around Adams, which makes you wonder if Lockie could steal this job away. Adams brings the potential of a dual-threat QB, which the Ducks have become accustomed to, while Lockie brings a more pocket passer and game manager type presence.

It’s fair to say that the Oregon battle is one of the more interesting storylines as we head into the season. Let us know below who you think will end up being the Oregon starting quarterback.

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