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Yankees Contacted Phillies about Jimmy Rollins

There are reports that the Yankees contacted the Phillies about Jimmy Rollins, but the asking price was too high for the Yankees. Philadelphia’s General Manager Ruben Amaro said that Jimmy Rollins “is one of best shortstops in baseball still.” While I agree with Amaro that Rollins is extremely talented, he’s also 36 years old (tomorrow). Rollins is a great defender, but hasn’t been the same the last few seasons and this would be a great opportunity for Philadelphia to unload some payroll.

Rollins might have two good years left, but he has already started his decline. He hit .243 last season and struck out 100 times, something he hadn’t done since 2003. The fact that Amaro wants so much for a 36-year old who will be owed $11 million the next two seasons is laughable. The Phillies finished last in their division and there is no sign of improvement. If Amaro starts unloading some of the payroll and works on getting quality young players in return, he will have success in a few seasons. The Phillies recently cooled off on Cuban outfielder Yasmani Tomas and they could offer him a huge contract if they traded away Rollins. Tomas is just 24 years old, I just don’t get the Amaro’s philosophy. I think Rollins would want this deal too, he isn’t getting any younger and I doubt the Phillies will be playoff contenders any time soon. Rollins is a very durable player and has played less than 137 only once in his career (not including when he was called up in 2000). If I was Amaro, I would see if the New York would take a deal with Yankees prospect Ian Clarkin and another prospect for Jimmy Rollins. Clark is projected to be a number two or three starter when he makes it to the big leagues. I’m betting that Amaro wants a few top prospects for Rollins, but he’s not going to get that for a 36-year old player these days.

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